Bottomless coffee band | Johannesburg

Life is often built on right-moment-right place scenarios. We were at the perfect place to randomly meet Lourens & Esté Rabé from Bottomless coffee band. We were standing on the grass, talking & we saw the most stunning sunset behind them. As luck would have it we had our camera with us & asked them to quickly pose for us. We took these photos in literally 5 minutes before the sun disappeared.

For those who haven’t had the chance to hear their music, do yourself a favor & go & have a listen! Bottomless coffee band is a multi-instrumental, alternative due consisting of Lourens & Esté Rabé from Cape Town, South Africa. With Lourens’ background in Rock ‘n Roll & Esté’s training in drama & classical singing, this duo has formed something really unique in modern day music. They wish to inspire through their music & performances as they believe that music is a tool to unite & uplift. Lourens & Esté is a married couple making music together, how cool is that?!




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