Hi, we are LORA, a destination photography/videography team based in South Africa.

We’re all about capturing the most authentic & raw moments! We see big things in small gestures, our style is timeless, real & we strive to capture every story as honest as possible.

We met each other in Cape Town in 2015 and soon realized that we had a common interest in photography! Loricia had photography as subject at school since the age of 15 & Ramey grew up around his photographer mom, traveling with her on shoots through Africa. We found LORA photography in 2016 while Loricia was still a full time Goldsmith & Ramey a full-time actor. In the year 2017 we went into photography full time & we don’t regret any of it! We are truly living a dream & enjoying every minute of it!

We believe that taking photos is having the possibility to awake sensations that will transport you back to your wedding day 10 years from now. We want to be that people behind the smiles, tears, the laughter’s as you look through your photographs and revisit your wedding day.

We can’t wait to document & share your love story!